Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A challenge

Ever have an idea that sounds great at the time and then you realize how hard it may be?  That's where I've been for the last month.  See I had this brilliant (this may be debatable) idea to celebrate my wife's birthday for the entire month of July.

A little back story on the idea may be helpful.  I was thinking of doing something different and creative for my wife's birthday this year.  It is one of those years that no one really gets excited about... you know like 28, 37 or 43.  Not a milestone year (and who really enjoys those milestone years once you are past 30 anyways?) and it has just been a long year for both of us (bodies falling apart, transitions in life, realizing how old we really are, you know, fun things like that).  Well, we have a friend (Kelli) who always wants a week to celebrate her birthday (and really who doesn't need a least a week to celebrate) so I though if a week is good then a month would be outstanding.  My wife definitely deserves a month of celebration.  She is amazing so how hard could it be to find ways to tell her that for 31 days?

I realized I am not as creative as I would like to be.  After about two weeks I began to run out of creative ways to express my appreciation for her.  Sadly, I resorted to giving lots of gift cards over the last two weeks.  Oh she appreciated them, but I can't really say it is very creative.  Also I realized how selfish I am.  It is easy to do things for myself, but tough to spend a month focused on someone else.  Contantly thinking about ways to serve others is not something that comes naturally.  It is what we are supposed to do, but it still doesn't come naturally for me.  And you can get called names for trying to be creative.  I won't mention any names... ahem like Brian... but I actually got called a prick.  I guess some people don't like having the bar raised in the gift giving department.

So can you spend a month focused on others?  Could you write a note of appreciate to a different person each day for a month?  Could you find a way to encourage someone each day for a month?  Could you find a way to serve someone each day for month?  Can you you stretch yourself for a month to think of others before yourself?  The answer is yes you could, so I guess the question is really, will you?

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